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Flying Cars

Среда, 23 февраля 2011, 14:07

‘It's hard to fit in the backseat of my flying car with my android Realdoll when we're both wearing jetpacks.’

(cc) 2011 Randall Munroe, xkcd

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Понедельник, 25 октября 2010, 23:19

‘And what about all the people who won't be able to join the community because they're terrible at making helpful and constructive co-- ... oh.’

(cc) 2010 Randall Munroe, xkcd

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Map of Online Communities (2010)

Среда, 6 октября 2010, 10:03

‘Best trivia I learned while working on this: 'Man, Farmville is so huge! Do you realize it's the second-biggest browser-based social-networking-centered farming game in the WORLD?' Then you wait for the listener to do a double-take.’

Большая версия

(cc) 2010 Randall Munroe, xkcd


P.S. Сравните с картой трёхлетней давности.

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Could not give gifts

Пятница, 1 января 2010, 13:58

© 2009 Scott Adams

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Stop Hating Smartasses

Воскресенье, 30 августа 2009, 18:52

© 2006 Diny (via)

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